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Aviation Survival is a one-stop store for Aviation Helmets and Ground Support gear. The grant-funded nonprofit gives motorcycle helmet producers an optionally available however revered certification that it stated exceeds regulatory standards set by the Federal Motor Car Safety helicopter helmet parts Requirements—by which the Department of Transportation establishes minimal efficiency requirements for helmets designed to be used by motorcyclists and different motor vehicle users.” To apply for Snell certification, a producer must submit its helmet designs for testing within the organization's laboratory.
Visor is missing, but this one has the visor housing that can accept an NVG mount. In the event you like to collect vintage helicopter helmets from earlier wars and eras, then discover a distinctive addition from the vast inventory of helicopter helmets on eBay. A refurbished Gentex helicopter helmet HGU-39/P with 1987 bolts, straps, and bayonets, minimal scratches, and corrosion is a pleasant example.

Gentex helmets are manufactured in a ISO-9001 certified factory and tested in an AS9001C certified laboratory beneath full-time, on-website, Defense Logistics Agency oversight. It is the latest, and finest, version of the SPH collection of helicopter helmets which were used by helicopter crews for over 50 years. The HGU-eighty four/P helicopter helmet has been utilized by Navy and Marine Corps helicopter pilots for over 20 years.
Lack of regulatory oversight within the manufacturing of civil pilot helmets permit for low-quality merchandise in the market, akin to this break up ear piece (above, left). At Gibson & Barnes we also assemble the HGU-33, HGU-55 and HGU-sixty eight jet fighter helmets from model new GENTEX® pilot helmet elements. The primary mission of the kiowa helicopter is expounded to the scout attack role.
Helmets constructed to any of those specifications could be sold in the present day on the business market, and consumers unfamiliar with helmet design won't completely perceive the differences and as a substitute choose a product based on its weight or aesthetic enchantment somewhat than its protectiveness. The Snell Memorial Foundation offers one other mannequin for a way the rotorcraft business may enhance helmet high quality across the board. If a helmet passes Snell's necessities, the manufacturer enters a contract specifying what it must do to maintain certification and agrees to let Snell accumulate periodic samples from its manufacturing line for additional testing.

This, in turn, might turn into a model for different international locations whose regulatory environment is just like that within the U.S. For example, like the FAA, Transport Canada has not required the commercial use of helmets or established helmet quality standards. Of Canada are pushing for the voluntary use of helmets by Canadian pilots and might benefit from an analogous course of. GENTEX® Pilot helmets are the best choice of plane and helicopter pilots throughout the US. Gibson & Barnes is the one company approved by GENTEX® to distribute the SPH-5, HGU-fifty six, and HGU-eighty four plane helmets here in the United States.
The Bell OH-13, the Sioux, was like the helicopter you see on MASH,” and they known as it the flying Erector Set. Conway: The early helmets have been fundamental by way of protecting your head and your hearing. Then, helmets had been developed with inside suspension programs instead of a just little bit of froth rubber between you and the surface of the helmet, so the shock of an influence may very well be extra absorbed by the suspension system and never a lot by the head and neck.

Due to that, there wasn't the identical degree of personalization on their clothing as there was on their helmets , which were, with their clean texture, very simple to color. They did put on unit patches on their flight clothes, but they weren't customized to the identical extent because the World War II flight jackets The painted helmets would have nicknames, timely symbols, and cartoon characters, things that have been extra of a personal nature than the unit patches. When the Military first went to Vietnam, the helmets have been white, which the crews perceived as making their heads perfect targets.
The guy told me he did not put on the helmet much, however his unit had a tech rep—civilians that work for the companies that manufacture various types of apparatus, weapon systems, or even the plane—and the rep was a reasonably gifted artist. I feel he had him paint three helmets, and one in every of them had the tombstones on it. These can be the one two things I do know they kept track of by utilizing their helmets as a scoreboard” of sorts.
Larry, the man who had the helmet with the tombstones, he additionally had an all-black helmet with a cav insignia and his unit patches on it. His spouse, Carol, was an evacuation nurse in Vietnam, stationed very near where he was. So there you might have a helmet that was truly worn by a Vietnam vet and customized-painted for him, nevertheless it's additionally a helmet worn by an evacuation nurse on a fight mission the place her future husband was shot down. It is also the one helmet with dual inner visors and a grand less than a gallet.

The Defense Contract Management Agency, a DOD-operated element that works with contractors to make sure that provides and providers are properly handled, was discovered to have lacked the proper training to conduct an inspection of the helmets. Having lately gained one other contract with the US Marine Corps for an order of 10,000 items, ArmorSource still remains a producer of the navy's helmets at this time. We also understand that your helicopter helmet is a key aspect in sustaining consistent quality communication hyperlinks with these on-board and on the ground.

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