While things are far less likely to go wrong if you book with one of our best quality clinics, no medical or dental procedure is 100% guaranteed, as our bodies all react differently. If you are having major dental work carried out, then we would suggest taking out medical complications insurance. For a small, additional cost, if you do need to go b… Read More

It amazes me that I have taught the pupils this myself as my listening skills were very poor as a learner - aural tests were my weakness at every level from grade exams to degree level. Contact us to purchase Pegada Drum Method or to be trained to use the methodology with your students.My son started lessons with Simon at the age of 7 and he loved … Read More

The Sports Car Twin Bed is a top quality, durable solution for the boy or girl that can’t wait to race off to slumber. Comes with bight colour, low ground and high sides which prevent your child from falling out.While the beds stayed put, the fun they inspired and how they worked with the imagination meant that these beds created wonderful memori… Read More

We can not guarantee that all our print sizes will be available to locations outside of our national regional network. As per our terms and conditions, occasionally shipping delays occur due to reasons beyond our control. If shipping is delayed we will do everything possible to ensure your delivery arrives quickly, but we will not be liable for lat… Read More

Customer satisfaction is very important to us, which is why we have such a friendly-orientated service. We offer a welcoming and professional atmosphere, so our customers always feel complete assurance. Mach1 Car Detailing Specialists is a dedicated Car Detailing company.Whether you want to enhance your car paint to showroom shine, or you are looki… Read More