Best Jungle Scout Alternatives & Competitors

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is one of the must-have things for an Amazon FBA seller. They have a free tool that attempts to compete with the Jungle Scout and ASINSpector Pro Chrome extensions, called Unicorn Smasher While it is cool, I have found that the data is much less accurate than Jungle Scout and I don't actively recommend it.
It also helps identify trends over time, a big plus for seasonal products. AMZScout charges $20 for their application and an additional $10 a month for their Chrome extension. Known to give out information alternatives for jungle scout that is to the point and helps in the search and launch of the winning products on Amazon, Amazeowl helps more than 4000 people take their first steps in starting a business each month.

You might think that having a good amount of product reviews is just a general ecommerce best practice, and this is true, but product reviews on the Amazon Marketplace - an ecommerce sales channel with its own unique set of rules - play a significant and multifaceted role in overall sales performance (especially when launching and trying to ramp up a new product).
Generally, Helium 10 is a suite of powerful software tools that mainly contains dozens of tools that can help Amazon Sellers to easily find ranking keywords, identify trends, spy on competitors and fully optimize your product listing in order to get more sales and conversions easily.
Having catered to more than 10,000 satisfied clients, its exhaustive suite of features cover all the essential steps sellers must go through to become successful on Amazon, right from product research and validation to tracking the performance of the business.

Although maybe a little more basic than some of the paid options, Scope is a great tool for beginners and includes a number of handy features including reverse ASIN lookups on selected products to allow users to find out which particular keywords successful products are using.
And item looks, Jungle Scout incorporates an entire host of highlights including specialty seekers, free online classes and contextual investigations and comes in three bundles running from $29 every month to $69 every month for the Business Package.

You cannot filter the list of products, like in JungleScout. This saying is also true for when selling products on Amazon today. There is an option to search by keyword and number of sellers, which is my favorite way to search. All packages include product databases, keyword trackers and analysis of competitors, with 20 product trackers with the Basic Package, 40 with the Start Package and a whopping 80 with the Business Package.
And yes, it's capable of accurate product research and sales estimation. It was pretty interesting to look through the raw data and see that the majority of the time, the tools underestimate sales instead of overestimating. Also available as a chrome extension, Jungle Scout provides you with real data on products currently for sale on Amazon.
It provides multiple tools that Amazon sellers needed to scale up their business. You can also see a product's average review rating over time and its current number of reviews. Use Jungle Scout to research demand history and make sure to choose something with consistent demand.

With the product database, you can use Jungle Scout's filters to find Amazon items based on certain criteria. The system helps you analyze the ranks, dates of listing, average rating, number of reviews, and the prices of multiple rival products at a go. The prices vary depending on whether you only want to send out e-mails, or whether you want to track your products live.

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