Electric Spin Scrubber

Upon entering a large facility such as a department store, school or hotel a clean glossy floor can make the environment feel cleaner, larger and even healthier. The speed at which the pad or brush rotates directly affects the kind of floor cleaning job you want to do. Low speed buffers are designed to handle scrubbing jobs, when your floor has in-ground dirt that you need to put some muscle into scrubbing away.
The spinning of the pad is powered by a small motor, usually directly over the center of the pad. In conclusion, the Homitt HT-SS01 may not seem that much different from your usual motorized, battery-operated spin scrubber. Stubborn stains have no chance with this shower cleaning brush.

A: An electric spin scrubber works by spinning the brush head and cleans the surface where it is used on. The inbuilt motor that it comes with is powered by a rechargeable battery which ensures that the motor has enough power at all times and spins when it is turned on. The brushes action on the floor scrubs hence the scrubber fulfills its function.
It also features a durable battery that assures of a long runtime. The handle has a flexible swivel head that enables you to reach those difficult-to-clean areas with ease. Even though automatic scrubbers are generally more expensive machines up front, the time saved in cleaning your floors could very well off-set that initial cost.

Following the common playbook deployed across most spin scrubbers, this product's shipped with three brush heads. The Oh My Clean Power Spin Scrubber comes with a new and improved design for better cleaning and lasting results. Made with the finest materials, this electric spin scrubber features a 21-inch extendable handle and an adjustable head.
This spin scrubber will make cleaning tiles much less time-consuming and laborious. This is an ultra-lightweight electric scrubber that that comes with a 5-in-1 function, thanks to the interchangeable brush heads it comes with. There is a rotation shaft between the head and handle, which makes the head scrubber flexible.
This spin scrubber comes with five replacement brush heads and 170 RPM scrubbing power for effective cleaning. The 2-inch flat brush is great for detailed cleaning, while the 4-inch and 5-inch flat brushes are great for cleaning flat surfaces. The WiMiUS Cordless Electric Spin Scrubber features an extendable arm for flexible cleaning and waterproof brush head.

Some of these are; the battery life, spinning speed, swivel head, and length of the handle among others. The spin scrubber comes fitted with a hook at the handle's bottom that lets you comfortably hang the device. Electric spin scrubbers have become a fan favorite in many homes because of their versatility and effectiveness in cleaning.
The round bristle brush is great for cleaning sinks and tabs, while the corner scrubber brush head is perfect for cleaning corners and edges. It comes with a powerful motor that spins up to 300 revolutions per minute which can easily deal with almost any stain on any type of service.

As an electric scrubber, Clorox Scrubstatic can be charged 4-6 hours after every use. Special features: 3 Cleaning brush heads, 1 Extension Arm Shower Adapter. Runtime here refers to the time it takes for the electric scrubber to run on a full charge. With this, you can easily clean any kind of floor.

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